Saturday, July 28, 2012


First I want to begin by saying, welcome to my blog and my world of beauty and makeup. My name is Rachelle, but everyone calls me Chellz. I'm a regular girl that has a passion for makeup and fashion. I was born and raised in NYC, so fashion is a big part of my life. I was always the tomboy in my circle...even now.....but now I have the pleasure of being called the Glamorous Tomboy. Although I'm a makeup fanatic, I do believe that makeup can transform your personality and enhances the beauty that's already there. I use different eyeshadow colors to express my mood for the day lol. I've been told that I have beautiful eyes, so why not play it up.

I decided to do a blog since I love helping and answering peoples' questions, I love sharing my techniques and opinions with others. I am a self-taught MUA from NYC that gained experience from MAC Master classes, freelance work and friends that allow me to experiment.

I can also be found on youtube as Chellz423 and Instagram as Chellzdamua. Subscribe and follow me for more :)

Follow me on my journey of upcoming makeup collections, reviews, tips and tricks, skincare and fashion.

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iKandybyBarbie said...

Hey doll!! I had no idea you had a blog!! <3